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The Core Principles of the Listening Intelligence Structure and Importance of Effective Communication in a Work Setting

Effective learning means that an individual actively participates in the listening part.

There are different types of listening styles, one of them is the appreciative listening which involves listening for the purposes of enjoyment, for example, enjoying a story you are listening to. The other listening style is critical listening which involves listening to whatever is being said and identifying key points, the main goal here is to analyze the speech . Relationship listening is always used by specialists when administering help to individuals who are mentally disturbed. The discriminative listening is when a listener tries to detect the hidden message which is beyond the speech.

We are going to look at the basic components of listening intelligence as well as effective communication in the workplace. What guides the listening intelligence culture is the ability to make the listening strategies raised to a higher level and well-organized. The other core of the listening intelligence is that it begins with the executive persons then the others follow.

The other core principle of the listening intelligence is that it minimizes office politics and leads to improved efficiency and decision making. The other component of the listening intelligence ifs the ability of the companies to leverage the knowledge of its workers.

Listening strategy promotes the collaboration of a group as well as aligning their goals into one common goal. The listening Intelligence understands that people have unique and varying listening habits which can be polished over time with practice. The listening intelligence has a keen interest in the voice of members of a company. It also informs other people around you about your unique habits of listening.

The other aspect that we will look at is how effective communication is beneficial in a work setting. The first importance is that the worker productivity is improved, when an employee possess good communication strategies, he or she is likely to be apt even in his or her work. Effective communication between the bosses and employees can lead to an improved employee job satisfaction as their interests will be well covered.

Effective communication in the workplace can also positive influence absenteeism and turnover rates, when there is a flow of communication, the employees will feel secure especially when they are also given a chance to give their inputs in certain decisions and implementations.

Communicating effectively in companies will make the workers stay united and work towards achieving the company’s goal as a team, mere misunderstandings and conflicts will be minimized because of the great communications skills implemented in the organization.

As a result of effective communication skills, the customer and worker relationship will be improved thereby attracting more prospective customers to the business.

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