Web Design Myths

Web Design Myths – Myths About Web Design Beginners Should Be Aware Of

When you first get started online, one of the hardest things to do is to get your web site going. You probably don’t know any fancy web programming, and you probably think that you need it.

You have looked at some site builders and html editors and you think that they look cheesy. But the funny thing is, they look better than a lot of the AdSense sites I see out there.

When I got started online, I started with Frontpage. It is pretty easy to use, and is WYSIWYG, like a Word program. I mean, you gotta learn some stuff. But the online Microsoft tutorials are pretty cool.

Another way to go is to use a site builder. Most of them these days look pretty professional, and they are literally point and click.

So, what are the myths?

1) You have to know web programming to have a good looking site. That could not be farther from the truth. The bottom line is, you are more concerned with whether it sells, not how it looks anyway. And sales is based more on content – don’t get me wrong, it can’t look like kindergarten, but it doesn’t have to be hot-shot professional, either.

2) Learning how to do stuff like autoresponders and putting that code in your web page is hard. It is truly easy – you just use the directions that come with your autoresponder.

3) You cannot design your own web site. That is far behind the truth. If you are willing to work a little, watch a few special videos, and do things one step at a time, you can have a good-looking website in no time flat.