Things to Know About Web Design

People often concentrate on the content of a website so much that they forget about web design. However, what a website looks like is just as important as what it says. In fact, if your website doesn’t look right, convey a professional image and appear easy to read, people won’t give your content a chance!

That’s why you need to consider a few aspects of web design:


Color is what people notice first. It determines a visitor’s first impression of your website. Harmonious colors portray a feeling of calm and order. Three colors which are equidistant from each other on the color wheel are good choices for a harmonious color scheme.

Choose a color which works well with your online company logo…and if you haven’t got a company logo – get one! It’s something that people instantly associate with the branding of your company; it looks professional and will often be much more memorable than the name of your company.

Your web design should have a color scheme that showcases your products and doesn’t detract from them.

Don’t use more than six colours and it’s best to keep it to less than that if you can, to prevent your website from looking messy and putting off potential customers because your website is actually annoying to look at.

Red and green is a bad combination because it’s the most common combination for people to have color-blindness for.


The header of each website page should clearly display your online company’s name and logo and nothing else. Keep it clear and uncluttered for maximum impact and people will remember it.


If you have graphics and pictures on your website, keep them simple to showcase your products and services. Make sure they don’t detract from what you are trying to sell.


Font size and color should be comfortable to read and not cluttered over layers of images. People won’t bother to struggle to read your website; they’ll just move on to a better one that’s easier to read.