Stop Implementing These Things In Your Website

A website is your personal online ‘salesmen’ that helps to communicate the right messages to your target audience. With many companies going online today, it is crucial that websites are optimized to serve their online customers effectively. There are certain key basic elements of a website, and more often than not, many get it wrong, and that is why even in a small country like Singapore, there is a huge market for web agencies to offer web design services in Singapore. In this article, we will be discussing the various elements that you should never implement in your website.


One key factor that makes up a good website is its ease of use. An optimized website should be easy to navigate. Often, users would already know what to look for in a website and when a pop up comes up, this disrupts the user flow. One pop up might still be acceptable, but with many pop-ups coming up, this might irritate the user, and before you know it, he or she leaves your site.

A user’s attention span online is really short, and if you distract a user by implementing several pop-ups, a user is highly likely to just leave your site. It can be extremely frustrating especially if the pop-ups require the user to close the pop-up tab.

Too Many Colours

Colors do add vibrancy to a website, however, one has to distinguish between the color theme and colors in general. A website should have a consistent color theme and stick to about three colors that would be shown throughout the website. With many colors involved, you can end up having very inconsistent and unappealing colors combination.

Background Music

Please avoid inserting in background music to your site. This can be extremely disruptive especially if the music does not appeal to your target audience. Give your users a choice to view a video and have music playing at the background.

Overly Used Stock Images

Next, avoid using too many stock images that are not unique and overused. This does not help your website stand out among the competition and too many stock images may give the impression that your website isn’t professional and isn’t authentic. Your users might end up feeling that your site isn’t relatable. Stock images really do not have that personal touch and it is also difficult to find stock images that are unique and help to communicate your brand images accurately. Get a professional photographer to customize your shots and images for your website so that your website will be a unique entity among the many websites out there on the internet.

Bad Typography

The simple rule of thumb is to stick with two or three fonts in any given design. Less is indeed more in this case. Inserting too many fonts can be very distracting and your users might not enjoy reading your content and end up leaving your site too quickly. In addition, choosing too many ‘big’ fonts will not help these fonts to be given the space to ‘shine’.

In conclusion, avoid all these web design mistakes and you can be sure that your overall website user experience will improve.