Learn More About Web Design

When considering taking web design courses, you might be wondering if you should physically attend a school or use distance learning. Either option can be beneficial, but you must decide what’s best for you. Let’s look at how distance learning works as well as some pros and cons of this method when learning web design.

What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning means you’ll complete certain web design courses without being in a physical classroom or under direct supervision of an instructor. These types of web development classes may be taken on the Internet, by CD or DVD or using other forms of technology. While some distance learning courses still have one-on-one instructors, such as complete online colleges, others allow you to pretty much work on your own.

When you take a web design course using this option, you might log in to an online learning center to complete lessons or download an e-book or software program. Some sites offer streaming audio and video learning resources. Others may have all the lessons visible online, free to the public. The cost of courses can vary from free to $1,000 or more, depending on the learning method and contents.

Pros of Distance Learning

This type of web design training certainly has its advantages, especially for older students. Imagine a parent wanting to learn web design. This person is probably already busy working and tending to family, so they would likely prefer flexible hours and the ability to learn from home. Learning online or through other means from home offers flexibility and is usually much more cost effective than attending a local school or college.

Cons of Distance Learning

There are a few disadvantages when taking web design courses from home. One is the absence of an instructor, which can lead to confusion when learning how to code web pages.

Web design takes a lot of concentration as well as the ability to comprehend what the lessons are teaching. Without an instructor, you might find yourself “stumped” more than once, with no one over your shoulder to explain it.

You are Alone with Your Studies

Another disadvantage is you won’t have the interaction with other students while learning design. This can sometimes make learning less fun or interesting.

Absolutely for Self-starters

But if you’re a loner, distance learning is definitely the way to go! One more downside… the necessity to motivate yourself and keep on schedule with your lessons. You won’t have anyone to answer to (unless you enroll in a time sensitive course online), so you’ll have to set your own hours and stick to it to complete your course.