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About Web Designing

Do you know what the main factor is that helps you step into the online world? That’s a professional website of your company. Expansion into the online world is your topmost priority but most of the people put it on the back burners because of some misconceptions. However, the competition in the market is cut-throat; so, there is no time of thinking but to get the ball rolling. Establishing your position in the online world is likely to be a long haul. A Website Designing Company can help you to wrap the things faster and in a professional manner. But before that burst all those misconceptions you have in your mind about web designing. So, dig in and find out what myths you still believe.

It’s Just Need To Look Good: Yes, it’s a universal truth that beauty catches the eyes, and makes the first impression on anyone’s mind, but it is not everything. Haven’t you heard that half truth is more frightening than falsehood? So, don’t fall for any such misconception ever. Having a good-looking website is vital but without functionality, it has no worth. Instead of focusing on beauty, design something that has beauty and brain both.

A Mobile-Friendly Website Is A Waste: Do you think like that? If so, your business is in danger. This is because having a mobile-friendly website is today’s mobile-savvy world’s necessity, from which you cannot run away. It is not a waste but an investment that has great returns to offer in future.

No Need Of Website Update: Change is the only constant in life and if you really want to hit the goal, so you have to revolutionize yourself with the altering trends. If you think your website needs no update and it will expand your business like ever before, so, you are probably building castles in the air. To keep a hold on the curiosity of existing patrons and to bring new ones you have to amend the way your website look or work.

I Like The Design So Other Will Also Like It: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Everyone has different thoughts and perspectives for the same thing, so, it is not necessary that if you like something, someone else will also like that too. You have to design your website for your customers, so, think of them first. If you are in their shoes, what would you like to see? It will give you the best solution of your problem.

Things to Know About Web Design

People often concentrate on the content of a website so much that they forget about web design. However, what a website looks like is just as important as what it says. In fact, if your website doesn’t look right, convey a professional image and appear easy to read, people won’t give your content a chance!

That’s why you need to consider a few aspects of web design:


Color is what people notice first. It determines a visitor’s first impression of your website. Harmonious colors portray a feeling of calm and order. Three colors which are equidistant from each other on the color wheel are good choices for a harmonious color scheme.

Choose a color which works well with your online company logo…and if you haven’t got a company logo – get one! It’s something that people instantly associate with the branding of your company; it looks professional and will often be much more memorable than the name of your company.

Your web design should have a color scheme that showcases your products and doesn’t detract from them.

Don’t use more than six colours and it’s best to keep it to less than that if you can, to prevent your website from looking messy and putting off potential customers because your website is actually annoying to look at.

Red and green is a bad combination because it’s the most common combination for people to have color-blindness for.


The header of each website page should clearly display your online company’s name and logo and nothing else. Keep it clear and uncluttered for maximum impact and people will remember it.


If you have graphics and pictures on your website, keep them simple to showcase your products and services. Make sure they don’t detract from what you are trying to sell.


Font size and color should be comfortable to read and not cluttered over layers of images. People won’t bother to struggle to read your website; they’ll just move on to a better one that’s easier to read.

You Need to Know About Web Design

Good Website Design

There are many things you can learn about web design but it is possible to learn a lot by looking at a few of them. The 5 things you need to know about web design to have a good website design are: make your graphics small as you can, keep the website simple, navigate your site using web accessibility, use your fonts wisely, and use good color designs.

Other things you might need to know is how to write code by yourself, know how to use search engine optimizing to maximize the people who come to your site, be aware of anything on browsers that make them hard to access, remember that most people will not wait long to access a site, and be flexible in designing your website.

First, make sure your graphics or photos do not overpower your text. If you have a huge picture, what do you think people will notice first and focus on? They will not even notice your text unless you have the right size graphics. Try to get them to go along with and accompany the text in a nice way. Keep them small and use as few as you can to still have a nice site.

Next, you must be able to get around your site and get around it quickly. If people who are trying to visit your site are having a hard time getting anything to happen, or they click and then wait a long time, they will get impatient and move on to the next website. There has to be a way to reduce the wait time to a reasonable amount of time. You want your users to be able to access your site in as easy a way as they can in the least amount of time possible. You can work on making your website easy to navigate and making sure that they do not need any add-ons to make it work right.

Using fonts wisely is another way to enhance your website design. Keep it simple and use popular fonts of at least a size 12 or above. Think about how someone who is an older person or who is visually impaired would have trouble reading or scanning your site with limited vision. You need to keep all these things in mind when selecting your fonts.

Keep it to a manageable number as well so that people do not get confused. Also, you should not use unusual or hard to read fonts that make it difficult for anyone to read. Make sure you keep your website simple. It might be tempting to show off any technical skills you have to make it a good site, but do not use anything that could be distracting or put people off going on your website. The main thing is just to use basic ideas on your website to make it easy to use. Your users will be grateful you did this for them.

Web Design Myths

Web Design Myths – Myths About Web Design Beginners Should Be Aware Of

When you first get started online, one of the hardest things to do is to get your web site going. You probably don’t know any fancy web programming, and you probably think that you need it.

You have looked at some site builders and html editors and you think that they look cheesy. But the funny thing is, they look better than a lot of the AdSense sites I see out there.

When I got started online, I started with Frontpage. It is pretty easy to use, and is WYSIWYG, like a Word program. I mean, you gotta learn some stuff. But the online Microsoft tutorials are pretty cool.

Another way to go is to use a site builder. Most of them these days look pretty professional, and they are literally point and click.

So, what are the myths?

1) You have to know web programming to have a good looking site. That could not be farther from the truth. The bottom line is, you are more concerned with whether it sells, not how it looks anyway. And sales is based more on content – don’t get me wrong, it can’t look like kindergarten, but it doesn’t have to be hot-shot professional, either.

2) Learning how to do stuff like autoresponders and putting that code in your web page is hard. It is truly easy – you just use the directions that come with your autoresponder.

3) You cannot design your own web site. That is far behind the truth. If you are willing to work a little, watch a few special videos, and do things one step at a time, you can have a good-looking website in no time flat.